Self-determined in old age

We all get old. It is neither preventable nor reversible. We must all live with it and its consequences.

When we talk about aging, the first thing we think of is physical disabilities. But health is more than physical. It is also mental and emotional. One of the great fears of people between 65 and 85 is the loss of independence, autonomy and social contacts.

Let's jump to the now. Technology is advancing on all fronts. There is hardly anything we can't do now with a smartphone, tablet or computer. Networking all of these is a major part of technological progress.We might like to complain about this electronic networking taking the place of social contacts, but no matter how hard we try to keep our kids away from the phone, there is a positive side to all of it.

Today's 65+ generation might have trouble using modern technologies, but more and more we see grandparents routinely communicating with their grandchildren by WhatsApp and Facetime.

This means three things: A chance to maintain the self-determination of seniors, combat social isolation through appropriate technologies, and impart a knowledge of how to use these technologies. Because only knowledge lets people use technology without fear. In turn, that means companies like APUS Software GmbH have a clear calling: To create more senior-appropriate technologies and services for the 65+ generation.

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Friday, 04 December 2020