Over 11,000 kilometers saved

Over 11,000 kilometers saved

Last year we started the Car Saving campaign. The idea was to form carpools and use alternative means of transportation (public, cycling, walking) to reduce the use of private cars for the daily commute and so make an active contribution to the environment.

2016 is over. How did it work out? Pretty well! Last year saved over 11,000 car kilometers.

That means:

    ... about 17 fillups saved.
    ... about 750 liters of fuel not burned.
    ... about 2 tons CO2 not released into the atmosphere.

APUS contributes 5 cents per kilometer saved to the SOS Children’s Village in Stübing, which means €550. Thanks for getting together and getting out there!

The campaign isn’t over, of course. In fact, the goal for 2017 is to do even better.
Feeling inspired? Contribute!

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