APUS is certified to ONR 192500 – again.

APUS is certified to ONR 192500 – again.

APUS CSR certificate © Shutterstock / Vanatchanan

Everything we do influences others. At a company that can mean employees and their families, the companies we develop for, the partners who support us, the utility that delivers the power for our servers, or the service provider who clears the snow off the sidewalk in front of the building. They’re all interconnected!

So it’s important to us that the system we’re embedded in stays healthy. That is our responsibility to our societal context, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Because it’s so important to us, we regularly seek certification so that someone from outside the company can take a look at how we can get better. So we had TÜV Nord take a look at our CSR processes, and are now re-certified to ONR 192500. We’re proud of it!

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