Duty planning in Italy and Austria - Workshop in Perugia

Duty planning in Italy and Austria - Workshop in Perugia

Workshop in Perugia

Duty rosters: In the hospital in Perugia they’re managed by personnel planning software. The same software is used in health facilities in southeast Austria. Gabriella Carnio, Chairman of the Healthcare Professions department, said “This software takes into account the requirements of new EU directive on working hours, and maintains schedule flexibility for staff so that they can develop a deep feeling of belonging to their workplaces.”

10 July 2017 – Today, complying with legislation on working hours is a very important and complex issue for health care personnel, with consequences for the safe provision of health services and for HR administration. This topic was at the focus of a bilateral meeting between high-level representatives of the Healthcare Professions department of the hospital Azienda Ospedaliera Perugia and of personnel administration in Austria.

The Perugia hospital and health institutions in Styria in southeastern Austria, one of the country’s most heavily populated areas, have been using the same duty roster software for over 2 years. According to a press release from Azienda Ospedaliera Perugia, these users are distinguished by being the first in Europe to adopt an approach that can prevent scheduling conflicts with their dire effects on the entire health care process. Dialogue between the Italian and Austrian delegations addressed measures to solve issues arising from implementation of the new legislation.

2017.07 Workshop AOPG Perugia

The workshop took place on July 7 in the Levi Montalcini conference room at the Haematology and Oncology Research Center (CREO) in Perugia. “Attendees were shown how it is possible to comply with the new directive while ensuring the safe provision of healthcare and maintaining the rights of employees” said Dr. Emilio Duca, General Director of the Maria della Misericordia hospital.

Gabriella Carnio, chairman of the hospital’s Healthcare Professions department, declared that the days of empirical duty planning with pen and paper or later with software like Excel are now finally over. She noted that today it is more important than ever for users to broaden their horizons and deploy a software that meets legal requirements while maintaining planning flexibility for each employee, adding that this helps staffers develop a deep sense of belonging with their employer.

Daniele Torroni of the Healthcare Professions department also spoke, followed by Franz Kokoth, head of HR of Styrian hospital company (KAGes) with over 18,000 employees. He had praise for the outstanding results achieved by the AO Perugia: “We have doubtless invested much more time and resources in adapting to the new EU directive. Initially the first change was accepted with some difficulty, but now we are reasonably satisfied, since we can offer staffers fair and just duty planning.”

After the workshop Ms. Carnio expressed admiration for the efforts of the 1800 employees of AO Perugia, saying “It was a big challenge and an historical shift within one of the most difficult industries. With the implementation of this dity planning software we have all reached a shared goal. We of the Perugia hospital are proud to be among the few hospitals in Italy that work in compliance with the new EU directive.”

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