Manage Agile Berlin 2017

Manage Agile Berlin 2017

On the website ( Manage Agile is described as follows:

The Manage Agile Conference focuses on "Agile Leadership" and targets leaders in agile companies. The presentation topics at Manage Agile go far beyond IT, to include agile HR, making agile product contracts and building agile organizations. At Manage Agile the key players in things Agile get together to exchange views. That makes this conference THE networking platform for modern company and project management.

This year’s Manage Agile took place from 13-15 Nov. 2017, and I was fortunate enough to be there, not just as an attendee but to my great pleasure also as a presenter, with an adaptation of the “Death of an employee review” presentation I gave with Gerhard at Agile Austria 2017 in June in Graz.

Due to a schedule conflict with DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH I was not able to be there for the start of the conference, but on the 2nd day I raced from Frankfurt to Berlin on the ICE and was able to catch some interesting presentations and discussions. I won’t soon forget the podium discussion on "Agile Leadership" with the provocative and polarizing author Niels Pflägling, author of Organize for Complexity. How to Get Life Back Into Work to Build the High-Performance Organization, due to the abundance of disrespectful comments in the discussion. By contrast, I was very impressed by the keynote “Back to work - how business theaters can turn into real companies again” by Lars Vollmer, author of the book of the same name. His central statement was that all activities and rules in a company that do not directly serve customers are just “business theater” that prevents worthwhile work from getting done.

Despite the stress of travel and my relatively short time at the conference, I went home with many impressions and ideas, and was gratified to receive some very positive and interesting feedback on my presentation.

- Rene Pachernegg -

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