Apus News (en)

Apus News (en)

Axtesys is our Partner


We live in an unbelievably complex world where everything affects everything else. With so many influencing factors, no one can predict how systems will act. So we need the ability to react flexibly to changing conditions, at work and in private life. That requires solid, dependable partnerships we can call on when demands exceed our abilities to address them.

For APUS Software, these partnerships go far beyond daily business. In line with our Focus on People we try to augment and back up each other personally as well as professionally. So we’re proud to welcome as a partner a company that has the same kind of outlook we do. Axtesys combines professional excellence with a very friendly and personable culture. We’re looking forward to lots of exciting projects and good times. Welcome on board!

APUS is co-host of the Agile Austria Conference 2017

APUS is co-host of the Agile Austria Conference 2017

As co-host, it is our pleasure to invite you to the Agile Austria Conference in June. You can look forward to a high-level program with an international lineup. With keynote speakers Alistair Cockburn and Zuzi Sochova we’ll examine urgent questions about Agile in three tracks. Along with two conference days there will be a workshop day and lots of practical hands-on.

Find out more at the Agile Austria website. The Call for Papers starts March 1, 2017, with program and registration to follow soon.

We look forward to meeting you at an exciting event in Graz this June!

APUS is certified to ONR 192500 – again.

APUS CSR certificate

Everything we do influences others. At a company that can mean employees and their families, the companies we develop for, the partners who support us, the utility that delivers the power for our servers, or the service provider who clears the snow off the sidewalk in front of the building. They’re all interconnected!

So it’s important to us that the system we’re embedded in stays healthy. That is our responsibility to our societal context, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Because it’s so important to us, we regularly seek certification so that someone from outside the company can take a look at how we can get better. So we had TÜV Nord take a look at our CSR processes, and are now re-certified to ONR 192500. We’re proud of it!

Agile Coach Camp Austria (ACCAT16)

Agile Coach Camp 2016

On September 16 to 18, 2016 the third Agile Coach Camp Austria (ACCAT16) took place near Baden. It was attended by a Scrum Master, Product Owner, freelance Coach and Trainer team, and everybody was highly motivated. High-level presentations and discussions were held in a relaxed open space atmosphere. The extensive program was supplemented by countless further discussions on breaks and at lunch. The ambience of the Krainerhof where the event was held definitely contributed. New friendships were formed, experiences were shared, and many an innovative idea was born. We’re looking forward to seeing what comes out of this incubator in the next few weeks.

Some of the topics:

  • How to assess work/performance in self-organizing systems
  • Agile assessments
  • Instruments from LALOUX, Holacracy etc. that can be readily incorporated in the Scrum context
  • Scrum in non-software environments (embedded evironments, mechanics etc.)
  • “Now Scrum has values..."
  • Specialist coaching for team members and employees
  • Developing agility in large organizations
  • Scrum/Kanban in projects with fixed price, fixed time and fixed scope
  • Agile transformations of 850+ headcount, experience from 2 years of change projects
  • Iteratively understanding and integrating quality strategies
  • The cool Scrum was yesterday - now we have maintenance, dependencies etc.
  • Liberating structures
  • Agile planning on an enterprise level
  • How to scale a project across locations
  • The Scrum Master, the Scrum Guide & retrospective - in the middle vs. moderator (exchange of experience)
  • Scaled Scrum, retrospective with multiple teams
  • Planning Poker - story points, complexity vs. time, T-shirt size
  • Icebreaker: Games for short training units, findings
  • Black stories
  • Team Extreme, across the Atlantic on a sailing freighter
  • Delegation Poker - exchange of experience
  • Agile Coach, when to go in-house, when to go out of house?
  • Cross-section topics (infrastructure, architecture) - strategies, experience
  • What are the best tools for moderating big retrospectives?
  • Escape Game - Teambuilding tool
  • What conferences and trainings do you know of?
  • Coach - Consultant - Catalyst

If you’re curious, ACCAT17 will be at the same place, probably on the weekend of Sept. 15-17 2017.

Agile Facilitation Lab 2016

Agile Facilitation Lab

Last week some Agile Enthusiasts of the Graz Scrum User Group - Philipp Eisbacher, Gregor Karlinger, Rene Pachernegg, Katharina Seke, Stefan Wunder - put on the first Agile Facilitation Lab.

16 Agilists came to learn from and grow with each other. In great fall weather, three outdoor sessions offered all kinds of icebreakers, warmups, energizers and team-building games. We looked into effects and applications, made new findings and experienced self-organization. Discussions naturally went on into the evening over games of Escape and Werwolf and some PowerPoint karaoke. On Saturday morning Peter Staudinger held a mindfulness training session with many useful tips for daily (work) life.

Thanks go to Ranorex and Apus Software, who made the Peter Staudinger session possible. It was a great weekend with great people, great ideas, great food and lots of new ideas. It will definitely not be the last. We look forward to meeting up again next year!

WKO Networking Day

WKO Networking Day

On October 6, 2016, the Networking Day of the UBIT corporate consulting and information technology industry association was held by the Austrian Economic Chambers (WKO). Keynote speaker Gerhard Hammer, CEO of APUS Software GmbH and Wolfgang Richter, CEO of JIPP.IT, presented the IT Community Styria with talks on “A digital KMU future needs focused competitive advantage.”

Digital Future Congress

Digital Future Congress

Invitation to the Digital Future Congress of the IT Community Styria

When: November 17, 2016
Start: 1:30 PM
Place: SSI Schäfer – Fischeraustrasse 27, 8051 Graz

Digitization will increase in all areas. Software makes it possible for the entire Styrian economy, public and private sectors alike, to improve their products and services and gain critical advantages in global competition.

After opening remarks by State Economic Councillor Dr. Buchmann, speakers from companies like Google, SSI Schäfer and Reval, as well as the owner of the News publishing group, will discuss the topic from various points of view. Issues of importance for the State of Styria and ethical questions (Graz University) will also be examined.

Further Information on the Digital Future Congress website.

2016 Company Retrospective

2016 Company Retrospective

On Monday and Tuesday (Dec. 19 and 20) the 2016 Company Retrospective was held at Der Klugbauer. Based on a look back at 2016 and the experience of the past year, we prepared a roadmap for the coming year. In line with our philosophy we made the roadmap together, looked at the lessons learned during the year and included the many good ideas all of us have. We look forward to an exciting 2017 and wish everyone a happy holiday and great new year.

Over 11,000 kilometers saved

Over 11,000 kilometers saved

Last year we started the Car Saving campaign. The idea was to form carpools and use alternative means of transportation (public, cycling, walking) to reduce the use of private cars for the daily commute and so make an active contribution to the environment.

2016 is over. How did it work out? Pretty well! Last year saved over 11,000 car kilometers.

That means:

    ... about 17 fillups saved.
    ... about 750 liters of fuel not burned.
    ... about 2 tons CO2 not released into the atmosphere.

APUS contributes 5 cents per kilometer saved to the SOS Children’s Village in Stübing, which means €550. Thanks for getting together and getting out there!

The campaign isn’t over, of course. In fact, the goal for 2017 is to do even better.
Feeling inspired? Contribute!