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„The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten“

(Benjamin Franklin)

Software projects are always tightly budgeted. They have to be, to make it past the proposal phase. But once the order is in hand, the real fun begins. A minimal team has minimum time to work a maximum miracle. This cost pressure often has negative consequences for the software quality and the customer satisfaction, and problems have to be dealt with by means of expensive change requests.

With us, you can relax even if the scheduling is ambitious. We can steer you through rough seas, help with capacity bottlenecks, or manage your IT project from the proposal phase to end-of-life. We provide project managers, agile coaches and software developers. Or we can provide a complete team so the aforementioned problems don’t come up in the first place. In all of this we place great emphasis on quality, communication and transparency. And the software development itself? That is a skill we have plenty of.

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Sylvia Bardach, CFO Frequentis
Frequentis AG

Sylvia Bardach
CFO and Member of the Executive Board, Frequentis AG

Frequentis AG and APUS Software GmbH have a successful business relationship of more than 20 years. We at Frequentis have always had a good feeling when we carry out projects together with APUS or hand over project parts to APUS. Especially for our work in the safety-critical area, it is essential for us to have APUS as a reliable, trustworthy and technically highly competent partner by our side. We are also watching with great interest the development of new working and organizational forms at APUS; This makes APUS well prepared for future requirements.