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Ever try to eat a steak with a spoon?
Then why are you using an Office product for roster planning?

According to studies (BARC, Planning Survey 2016) over 85% of users do roster planning with Office products. And the same number of users have problems with their planning, because Office products aren’t designed for it. They are designed to be versatile, but they aren’t specialized.

IONIO® does it better! It helps you plan with smart functions, it shows you problems right away and it actively helps you find solutions to them. This not only makes roster planning better, it also brings impressive time savings. And IONIO® adapts to your planning, instead of you adapting to it.

IONIO® Workforce Management... not only for healtcare!

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Hartmann Jörg Hohensinner MBA, P.I.S. Keyuser, KAGes

Hartmann Jörg Hohensinner MBA
P.I.S. Keyuser, Department Head, Apallic Care Unit, Member of the Board of the Austrian Apallic Society

“A challenge overcome brings satisfaction and also strength - someone who experiences ‘I did it!’ will have the confidence to face new and greater challenges.”
These words apply to the 21 year collaboration between APUS Software and the Geriatric Health Centre of the City of Graz, Austria. It started in 1996 when APUS supplied software for highly complex duty-roster planning. This was followed through the years by time recording, reporting, door locking systems and other high availability solutions, developed jointly with creativity and customer-friendliness. Hospital operator-spanning for customer-centric software development and legal protection in KA-AZG networks were installed in the spirit of corporate social responsibility. From GraphDi to IONIO, from ‘back in the day’ to ‘into the future’, we can only wish for many more successful years together

Why IONIO® Workforce Management?back to top

  • IONIO ® reduces by 60% the average time that a department head needs to make duty rosters, respond to staff requests and check time sheets.
  • IONIO ® saves paper by digitizing the duty planning process.
  • IONIO ® saves unnecessary overtime through smarter personnel planning.
  • IONIO ® prevents conflicts by making duty planning transparent and by involving staff.
  • IONIO ® ensures that duty planning complies with legislation, and so minimizes legal risks.

What Is IONIO®?

Workforce Management

Staffing:back to top

  • Predictive planning
  • Load-based planning

Scheduling:back to top

  • Automated duty roster filling
  • Templates for rotation across departments and time periods
  • Approvals workflow
  • Absence management
  • Planning across multiple locations
  • Legally compliant planning

Time & Attendance:back to top

  • Planned is compared with actual presence recorded and automatically booked correctly
  • The plan is constantly compared against times present
  • Real-time notification if a booking is missing, so that missing personnel can be substituted immediately
  • Time sheet administration - printout as PDF for staffers
  • Time logs can also be imported directly from an outside system
  • Integration with settlement systems

Employee Self Service:back to top

  • Joint planning of work schedules, with desired times entered directly by the employee
  • Vacation management - vacation time entered directly by the employee
  • Transparent planning - staffers can always see their service and recorded hours

HR:back to top

  • Administration of departments across locations
  • Temporary “loan” of staffers to other departments
  • Duty planning based on employees’ knowledge and skills

Technical Databack to top

  • Presentation in browser - IE 10 and above, Firefox, Safari, Chrome
  • Webserver, e.g. Wildfly, Apache
  • Database, e.g. Oracle, Postgres
  • Optimized for display in Full HD (1920 × 1080 pixels)
  • Team size 5 or more people, no upper limit
  • Security - the server is in-house at the client location and can be accessed only by VPN

Use Casesback to top


The right qualifications at the right time
The right qualifications at the right time

What would happen if one day you woke up in the emergency unit of a hospital because you had been in an accident of some kind? And what if you found out that you couldn’t be treated because the hospital had neglected to plan for the kind of specialist you need to be on duty at that time? A terrible thought? Yes it is! But it can’t happen with IONIO® Workforce Management. The software monitors and shows when departments don’t have the right personnel on duty.

Take care of absences easily

Every year the flu goes around, and hospital personnel are particularly exposed to the flood of viruses. So it’s not unlikely that the risk of sick leave is highest right when people are needed most. It’s not a problem with IONIO® Workforce Management. Employees can enter their sick status in IONIO® themselves. Based on qualifications and legal rest time mandates, the software suggests to the supervisor a list of colleagues who can and are allowed to substitute. A click is all it takes, and the duty roster is complete once more. Sick absences are not an issue with IONIO®.

Take care of absences easily
Who’s on duty
Take care of absences easily

Do you need an access system to make sure that the right staff are really there? No problem! Either IONIO® can record working times, or we can integrate your existing time logging system into IONIO®. Now you can see exactly who was there for how long. And if things take longer on a given day because big emergencies come in, IONIO® reacts immediately by deleting the next day’s working hours for the staff involved so they have time off as required by law.

Overburdened again?

Let’s say you do the duty roster for a large department of 200 people, and are planning the upcoming month. That means that you have to schedule 6000 days, consider all rotations and naturally also comply with laws on hospital personnel working hours. Sound like an unbelievable about of work with endless ways to make mistakes? Not to us. You’ve already set up a template, that you apply to the upcoming month with a mouse click. IONIO® Workforce Management takes care of the rotation for you. Compliance with laws happens automatically in the background. So you’re done with scheduling in a couple of minutes. Plenty of time for a well-deserved coffee!

Overburdened again